Mirko Sperlonga is a photographer and artist born in 1995 in Terracina. Currently based in Rome, he has developed an unusual and personal bond with photography from a young age, showing great curiosity and sensitivity. A lover of nature and all that it encompasses, Mirko communicates, blends, and creates through his images. Prior to fully dedicating himself to photography, Mirko studied psychology of human science, deepening his understanding of human behavior and emotions. He later obtained a master’s degree in lighting design and another in advanced digital photography, acquiring technical and artistic skills. In 2023, Mirko graduated from Isfci in Rome in fashion photography, thus combining his passion for the human figure with his ability to create visually impactful images. In his work, Mirko employs a narrative documentary approach that blends with the language of contemporary fashion. This allows him to create images that challenge conventional photography canons, revolutionizing them to emphasize his ability to combine different styles and content without losing connection with the subject. His photographs are characterized by a strong conceptual minimalism that captures the viewer’s attention without hesitation. Mirko Sperlonga is an artist who can create images that communicate emotions and stories using a unique and distinctive style.


Selected by fot 84 artist for YAS, prints for gaza, 2023.

2nd place International Chromatic Awards, 2023.

Finalist in the Martelive Biennale, 2023.

Selected by Artribune for 24 photographers for 2024, 2023. 

Nominee in World Photo Annual, portraits category, 2023.

Short list for the Siena Awards, portraits creative, 2023.

Honorable mention in the Monovision Awards, portraits category, 2023.

Short list of the Independent Photographer, portraits awards 2023.

Winner of Photovogue’s your 501 story for Levi’s, selectetd by Condé Nast, 2023.

Nominee in Fine Art Photography Awards, people category, 2023.

Finalist and Winner of the Best Concept Award in the 1st Edition of the International Photography Competition, City of Latina, 2023.

Honorable Mention in the Fine Art Conceptual category at the Annual Photography Awards 2023.

Honorable Mention in the Portrait Professional category at the Best Photography Awards 2022.

Honorable Mention in the Conceptual Professional category at the Monochrome International Awards 2022.

Second Place in the International Chromatic Awards 2022.

Short list  i.p.a. international photography awards, 2022.

Short list siena awards, portrait creative category, 2022.

W.P.E.  portrait creative photography, 2022.

Finalist Lensculture international awards, portrait category, 2021.

W.P.E  international photography awards, 2021.


Intersection of the Soul, the third collective exhibition of You/th coordinated by Kobo Studio, Rome, curated by Claudia De Nicolò and Bianca Trevisani, 2024.

Bonds, Martelive Biennale, Rome, curated by Giuseppe Casa, 2023.

Bonds, Liquida Photofestival, Turin, curated by Laura Tota, 2023.

Intersections of the Soul, Imagenation Paris, curated by, Milan, 2023.

Bonds, der greif digital exhibition, curated by Marina Paulenkam, 2023.

Pap’s story, digital exhibition “your 501 story” Photovogue for Levi’s”, curated by Condè Nast, 2023.

Bonds, 1st Edition of the International Photography Competition, City of Latina, 2023.

Metal Woman, Liquida Photofestival, Turin, curated by Laura Tota, 2023.

Frozen Dawn, Decode Gallery, Color’s Exhibition, Tucson Arizona, 2023.

Resilience, Imagenation Paris, curated by, Paris, 2023.

Resilience, Progress on Contemporary and Future Society, curated by LoosenArt, Rome, 2023.

Self-Anger, Paratissima, curated by Laura Tota, Turin, 2023.

Resilience, Imagenation Paris, curated by, Milan, 2022.


Graduated in Fashion Photography, Isfci Rome 2023.

Masters in photographic lighting 2021.

Intensive master in advanced digital shot, certificate by Marianna Santoni 2021.

Graduated in Human Psychology Sciences, 2013.


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