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MArteLive 2023: “Legami” project finalist and exhibited in Rome

Mirko Sperlonga’s “Legami” project ranks among the finalists in Central Italy in the MArteLive 2023 Competition. The contest, curated by Nadia Di Mastropietro and part of the “Insieme Siamo Arte” project realized by the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital and ATCL and supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Lazio Region, will feature the finalists performing in a fusion of music, shows, and live performances of theater, dance, and contemporary circus, painting exhibitions and live painting, photography, projections, installations, readings, and street art.

This amalgamation of artistic movements will create the true festival, which is named “Lo spettacolo totale,” curated and conceived in 2001 by Giuseppe Casa as a total spectacle where all arts and the artists representing them come together in an empathic synergy.

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"legami" Mirko Sperlonga


The exhibition will take place on December 12th and 13th, 2023, at Qube Disco in Rome, located at Via di Portonaccio 212. The opening hours will be at 6:30 PM, with the performances starting at 7:00 PM.

On the ground floor of Qube, the finalists of the Music/Dance/Creative Crafts/Fashion/Video Art sections will alternate over these two days, while outside there will be live performances by the finalists of the Street Art section. On the first floor, the new talent finalists of the Theater/Literature/Cinema/Photography/Sculpture/Graphic Illustration/Music Video/DJ Producer sections will perform, while on the top floor, alongside the big music guests, there will be a room entirely dedicated to live painting.

"Legami" Mirko Sperlonga


Each artistic section of the MArteLive contest has a high-quality jury, composed of the foremost experts in the specific field, who will evaluate the works of the young artists and assign them a score. The jury’s vote will then be combined with that of the audience, who will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite finalists directly at the exhibition on the show days and also from home through online voting. The voting link will be available from December 12th. The winners of each section will then participate in the BiennaleMArteLive 2024.

"Legami" Mirko Sperlonga

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