Al momento stai visualizzando “Intersezioni d’Animo” exhibition with ImageNation in Milan.

“Intersezioni d’Animo” exhibition with ImageNation in Milan.

Intersezioni d’Animo”  project by Mirko Sperlonga was exhibited in Milan, at the Luciana Matalon Foundation, with ImageNation from September 22nd to 24th, 2023.

"intersezioni d'animo" Mirko Sperlonga

After Paris, Mirko returns to exhibit with ImageNation in Milan, presenting a piece from the ‘Emotional Intersections’ project.

In the collective contemporary photography exhibition titled over 150 international authors were present, all of whom have chosen photography as their primary expressive medium to explore contemporaneity and translate it according to their ever-evolving and hybridized aesthetic research.”

Text by ImageNation

The exhibition received great acclaim and marked another presentation of Mirko’s vision within the Milan and international scene.

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