Al momento stai visualizzando “Legami” on exhibition with Liquida Winter Edition in Turin.

“Legami” on exhibition with Liquida Winter Edition in Turin.

Legami” by Mirko Sperlonga continued its exhibition journey traveling to Turin, where the project was showcased at the Complesso della Cavallerizza during the Liquida Winter Edition from November 1st to November 5th, 2023.

"Legami" Mirko Sperlonga

Under the artistic direction of Laura Tota, this edition of the Liquida PhotoFestival was titled “Where Images Flow” and narrated how the image of hypermodernity, fluid, elusive, ubiquitous, powerful, and fleeting inhabits us and pervades us at every moment of our existence.

“Liquida Photofestival” continues to be a reference point for reflecting, as much as possible, the state of photographic research in its various forms of expression. A festival where the image flows, following the path of a river, sometimes impetuous, sometimes gentle, but never the same.

Text by Paratissima

Furthermore, Mirko Sperlonga’s artworks exhibited during the Photofestival are available for purchase in limited edition at the exclusive Art Gallery managed by Paratissima.

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