Al momento stai visualizzando “Resilience” on exhibition with ImageNation in Paris.

“Resilience” on exhibition with ImageNation in Paris.

From May 19th to May 21st, 2023, Mirko Sperlonga’s piece “Resilience” was showcased with ImageNation in Paris, the city where photography was born two centuries ago. The French capital, now more than ever, remains the crossroads of new trends and continues to be an ideal stage for international artists, fostering a dialogue between their work and the audience.

"resilience" Mirko Sperlonga

The exhibition, held at Galerie Joseph Le Palais on Rue Saint-Merri 5, hosted over 400 talented artists with diverse backgrounds and experiences, united by a common passion for photography.


The showcasing of the artwork “Resilience” in this magnificent setting marks a significant milestone and further advancement in Mirko Sperlonga’s photographic journey, as he continues to spread his vision and artistic imprint in the most prominent exhibition venues.

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